In the late 1880’s J. D. Tant held evangelistic meetings in Hempstead.  The Gospel was preached in tents and in school houses.     D. H. Williams helped to establish the first congregation in 1895.   They purchased land  and  erected  a  church building in 1901.   But in 1920, the church property was sold and  sometime  later  the  congregation disbanded.   Preachers during this decade included C. R. Carter, D. F. Draper and Z. T. Winfree.

In 1938 the congregation was again organized.   The J. C. Peyton,  The Charlie Chamberland, The Shelby Cain and The Jeff Smith Families were the charter members.  They met in homes and later in The Hempstead Community Center.

The congregation flourished and in 1948 property was bought on 6th street and a church building was completed in 1949  at  1016   6th  street.   The  church  continued to grow and a larger house of worship was erected in 1953 at the corner of  Sixth  and  Main  streets.   The ministers during  this  period included   Lynn Sparks,   David Arrington,   Marvin Powell  and Truman Smith.

In 1966 the church purchased additional property for parking.   By 1972 the congregation had grown to  96  members.    By 1979 an  Education/Fellowship  wing  was  added  to accommodate their growth and later the  entire  city block was purchased for future expansion.   Preachers  who  served  during  this  time  included  Bruce Beard,  Melvin Anderson, Famous Byers, Milton Austin, H. I. Taylor, Tom Ruble and Richard Trull.

The church entered 1980 with 150 members and was very active in local and mission evangelism and benevolence.   During this decade Don Sowders  and  Tim Ousley served as ministers.

In May of 1995 the church property and buildings on 6th street were sold to Community Christian Academy.   In June of that year property was purchased on FM 359  and construction on a new facility began in  April, 1996.   The church and the academy shared the the building on sixth street until the new building east of town was completed.

On Sunday, September 29, 1996 the  first  worship  service  in the new building was conducted and 233 people attended.   The  dedication  of  the  new  building  was held on November 24, 1996.   The 81 member congregation  experienced  increasing  attendance and  additional  members through the end of 1996.   On March 29, 1998  the church  celebrated  60  years of ministry with a Homecoming Service.   George Carmen  and  Eugene Dewveall were the ministers during this decade.

By January 1, 2000 the church had grown to  119  members  and  had  outgrown its new building.  Before that  year  was  over  construction  began  to expand the facilities to 12,800 square feet by doubling the size of the auditorium  and tripling  the fellowship area  and adding 9 new classrooms and  3  new offices.   Leslie Boone  and  Eugene Dewveall were the ministers during this decade.

In September, 2013  the congregation celebrated its  75th   Anniversary  and invited Pat Richardson and  George Carmen as special  speakers.  The attendance that day was  223.

As this part of our history concludes,  the church is served by  Eugene Dewveall  as Pulpit Minister and Michael Thys as Family And Youth Minister.