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Our Ministries:

FriendSpeak (1).png

A monthly initiative in which members sign up for one or more 30 minute

time slots to pray starting at 7PM the fourth Friday of the month and ending

at 7pm on Saturday. Prayer requests are collected the third Sunday of the

month and distributed to everyone who has signed up to pray.  This initiative

recognizes the power of collective prayer to a heavenly Father who loves us

and hears our prayers of praise and petition. It has turned out to be a

powerful process for building and sustaining a heart of caring in the

congregation, as we experience together the fullness of life in Christ. 

If you want to request prayers from this ministry, you can add them to the

Prayer Hub on our website

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This ministry focuses on the execution of the Sunday

assemblies and adult bible classes. Ensures preachers,

teachers, and servers are assigned and available for each

assembly. Also periodically examines if changes to the

assemblies will benefit the congregation’s learning and

participation. The overall goal is to ensure the spiritual growth and edification of the

congregation while holding fast to biblical principles.


FriendSpeak is a ministry that reaches out to our non-English speaking

neighbors.  Can you speak English?  Then you are fully qualified for this

ministry.  It is a program that offers Free English Practice Sessions while

using the Bible as our text.  It is an awesome experience to build a

relationship with others while they are learning to speak English and

then watch the light come on as they come to understand the love God

has for them.  Come join us in this ministry and start making an impact


Copy of FriendSpeak (8).png

This unique ministry provides specially designed pillows and shirts with internal

pockets for ladies who have had surgery for breast cancer. The congregation has

monthly “sew-ins”, typically on a Saturday morning, to prepare the shirts and pillows

and box them up for delivery. This program is under the general direction of Dawn

Compton of Bellville, Texas. The Hempstead Church of Christ provides its fellowship

hall as a site for workers to meet to provide sewing, ironing, stuffing and packing services

that typically provides over 100 blessing boxes ready for mailing. Participants, in addition

to members of the Hempstead Church of Christ, in these “sew-ins” come from other

congregations and other nearby communities. This ministry provides a service in which

we experience together the fullness of life in Christ through this very special opportunity

to bless the lives of others as we honor our Lord, living a life of love.

FriendSpeak (2).png

The male members of the congregation meet the

second Saturday morning each month at 8AM for

breakfast, Bible study discussion and prayer.

The responsibility to prepare the breakfast is

rotated through 2 men teams.  The responsibility for leading the Bible study

discussion also rotates among the men who participate in the monthly breakfast.

At times we meet in one of the member’s homes and at other times we meet in

the fellowship hall.  These monthly get-togethers are times of service, camaraderie,

fellowship and spiritual development. They facilitate opportunities to experience

together the fullness of life in Christ.

FriendSpeak (4).png

The teen Ministry is so much more than just a group

of teens that get pulled along to Church by their

parents on Sunday morning. Our teen group is all

about serving the Church, the Community, and

most importantly God. While the young men serve on

the table, lead opening and closing prayers, and songs the young ladies run the

AV booth and provide care for the younger children during service.  Our teen group has

even started to plan and host events for the congregation. We have started a life group

specifically for the teens where we discuss how they can apply scripture to their daily

lives. Our goal is to prepare them for what the world may throw their way and how

they can use scripture to handle those obstacles.  We want them to build a relationship

with God that is their own and not their parents or grandparents.

Copy of FriendSpeak (1).png

We currently have four life groups which meet twice a month during the
months of September through May to study the Bible, pray with one another, build

friendships, and practice hospitality. It is an intentional, face-to-face gathering with

the common purpose of growing in Christ, encouraging one another, and building

relationships within the body of Christ. These groups provide opportunities for the

authentic expression of our faith. No one is called to stand-alone, rather we walk with

Christ and share the journey. Our life groups support us individually and collectively

as we experience life in a way that has been transformed through a living and

growing faith in Christ.

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Childrens ministry is where we remember that the children are a part of
our current church population, not just the future. We walk alongside parents

to help them with resources to better equip them for raising children who know

and love the Lord. We work with all other ministries to keep a focus on children who

are in our building and community, and in that regard, we work closely with Family

ministry and worship.

Copy of FriendSpeak (3).png

Our Women’s Ministry working in partnership with our

Hospitality Ministry provides opportunities for all ladies

to come together to study  and worship our Lord. We do

this through both study of the word and through service

work for our congregation. Our women’s ministry hosts a variety of activities that we

welcome everyone to attend, from our monthly ladies brunch to our annual ladies day.

In these activities, we will gather in prayer and fellowship to lift and encourage young

and old to grow closer to our Lord for strength and wisdom.

We also aim to serve our congregation by providing meals, hospitality

visits and companionship to our friends and families during a time of need. Not to

mention our ladies provide a wonderful luncheon on the 2nd Sunday of each

month to welcome all visitors and provide an opportunity for them

to get to know our congregation on a more personal level.

Copy of FriendSpeak (4).png

We are the first face to greet a visitor.

The greeters can be anyone who would

like to volunteer to meet the visitor

whether with another member or alone. 

Copy of FriendSpeak (5).png

This ministry’s focus in on maintaining the congregation’s assembly and parsonage
facilities to a standard that honors those who sacrificially provided the resources that

made the facilities available. This includes maintaining proper functioning of HVAC,

lighting and plumbing systems. It also includes keeping the facilities clean, inside and

outside. The maintenance of the landscaping is included in the services provided by

this ministry. It is our intent to always have a physical meeting place that supports the

presentation of the fullness of life in Christ to members and visitors alike.

Copy of FriendSpeak (6).png

Our focus is on sharing the good news with people who do not yet know Jesus
so that they can also experience the fullness of life in Christ.  We have both an

international focus and a local focus. Our current international focus includes partnering

with EEM (Eastern European Missions), World Bible School, India Missions and LST

Connect.  Our local focus includes FriendSpeak, individual Bible studies in both English

and Spanish, a ministry to inmates (see Jail Ministry above) as well as periodic outreach

initiatives such as Trunk or Treat, appreciation baskets to local first responders and
participation in local parades. In response to the increasing population growth in our

community we send a postcard to each new postal address within an approximate

eight (8) mile radius of our meeting place welcoming the recipient to our community

and inviting them to visit our services.  The initial post card is followed by another card

4 weeks later. Our focus, as our core mission, is making disciples, to become disciples.

We encourage generosity in giving our time, energy and financial resources in support

of both international and local missions.

Copy of FriendSpeak (7).png

As we experience together the fullness of life in Christ, we seek to help
others when they face financial challenges that they lack the resources to meet. The primary
focus is on members of our congregation; but, if we have the resources available we also help
folks in our community who are not members. In some cases, the financial help is accompanied
with discussions and reviews of spending habits and the establishment of responsible
stewardship training.

FriendSpeak (5).png

The digital ministry of the church is not just a necessity of modern times. We see

the digital world as a huge tool for the spread of the gospel. Through the internet

we can experience the fullness of life in Christ together with people we may never

meet, just like Paul using his letters to reach us two thousand years removed from

him. We maintain the church website, not only as a front door to the church for

visitors, but as a tool for us to practice spiritual disciplines together. The Prayer Hub

on our website lets us join in prayer from wherever we are. We maintain an active

presence on Facebook, with plans to branch onto more platforms soon. We stream

our worship online and keep all the technology in the building running smoothly.    

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