FriendSpeak is a ministry that reaches out to our non-English speaking neighbors.  Can you speak English?  Then you are fully qualified for this ministry.  It is a program that offers Free English Practice Sessions while using the Bible as our text.  It is an awesome experience to build a relationship with others while they are learning to speak English and then watch the light come on as they come to understand the love God has for them.  Come join us in this ministry and start making an impact today. 


Food Ministry 

   Christ calls us to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and this can be portrayed in many forms.  When crisis hits, a meal, or luncheon prepared to help ease the burden of burying a loved one, are ways in which the Body of Christ can minister to one another.  The Food ministry involves a collection of ladies (or men) that seek to serve through various acts of love and are willing to do whatever is necessary when they are called upon.  We are also able to assist those who do not have enough food in the home by connecting them with a local food bank.  



   We take seriously our call to share the gospel both locally and internationally.  We provide funding to Christian Relief Fund, Eastern European Missions, World Christian Broadcast, Sunny Glenn Children's Home, Arms of Hope, Janell Johnson as well as to work being done in India.  At the Hempstead church of Christ, "Missions" is our response to The Great Commission, with international and domestic efforts that are both local and outside the local area of the Hempstead church.  


Ladies' Bible Study

   When we make the decision to be a follower of Christ, we seek direction and guidance as we walk with Him in our journey of faith.  The Bible is God's ultimate Word in providing His children with a framework of faithfulness for this journey.  Every second Tuesday of the month, a group of ladies from all walks of life, gather together to be fed a word that will impact their lives in immediate and powerful ways as they seek to know the heart of God more intimately.  They study the Bible together, and as a result, they are inspired, challenged, provoked, comforted, and most importantly, transformed. 


Visitation (R.O.C.C.)

   Reach out and touch someone and make a difference in their life.  We call this ministry "Reaching Our Community for Christ." As Christians we want to see the world through the eyes of Christ.  Jesus looked out upon the crowds that wee harassed and helpless and He had compassion on them.  His prayer was for more workers to join the harvest.  Our goal is to make contacts, establish relationships and minister to those who are desperately seeking aid in a fallen world.  The Lord of the Harvest is calling us all to work in His fields.  Visitors will not care what we know until they know how much we care.  


Ladies' Day

   This is an annual event where ladies from all over the region come together for a morning and noon time to be encouraged, enriched and blessed by hearing messages from Godly women and sharing in fellowship and food together. 


   The mission of the Hempstead Church is to grow followers of Jesus through worship, community and service.  Our adult education ministry keeps the focus on growth as we create environments for adults to experience community while taking a deeper look into the Word of God.  We believe God's Word to be absolute truth and Christians must be well grounded in scripture to sand firm in the face of attacks by Satan. 

Adult Education


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