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Youth Minister Position

We, at Hempstead Church of Christ in Hempstead, TX are looking for a full time youth minister. We are a congregation of currently about 80 in Sunday morning attendance, located at the northwestern edge of the Houston suburban growth. Our congregation membership has a very diverse socio-economic background. We are a church in transition — moving from a rural Texas country culture to a Houston suburban culture. We see an opportunity for significant numerical growth as we serve the many people who are and will continue to move into this area over the next few years. We are looking for a youth minister who meets our expectations as set forth in the Vision and Expectations for Youth Ministry, below, to partner with us in this very unique opportunity.

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Vision and Expectations for Our Youth Ministry

1.  Where we are today:


A church with about 80 members who love the Lord and each other.

Current membership made up mostly of older couples and singles.  Few families with children. 

A church that is currently stagnant in numerical growth; but, with the spiritual depth to develop into a vibrant growing body of Christians as the community experiences dynamic numerical and economic growth. 

Expect church membership to double or triple in size over next 3 years.

Currently have great 4-6 grade Sunday school program.  But, no organized High School program for these students to move into.

Good participation in annual LTC competition (Art, Literature, song leading and Bible Bowl).

Successful annual Vacation Bible School program.



2.      Qualities and characteristic we expect in our youth ministry:


A parent-owned ministry in which the youth minister plays a strong support role (this may take a few years to develop).

A ministry with adult mentors and role models for our teens.  Adult Christians forming warm relationships with teens.

A HS program that MS students cannot wait to join (MS program “feeds” HS program).

A HS program that has junior and senior level students who are inspirational role models of the Christian faith for not only younger students but also older adults.

A HS program that graduates young adults who leave the youth program with mature personal faith in Jesus Christ and who continue their adult faith walk as wholly dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ.



3.      Qualities and characteristics we expect in our youth minister:


A person with experience in a vibrant growing youth program in a healthy growing church.

A role model for our teens – communication filled with grace, life of integrity, life of service to others, thoughts and words permeated with the words of Jesus and the Apostles.

Understanding from personal experience what it means to live in the Spirit.

A person who loves youth and has a clear passion for helping teens grow spiritually and come to know the abundance of Christian living in Christ Jesus.

A person who loves to praise God and Jesus in song.  A person who is personally focused on daily living and sharing with others the spiritual truths contained in the Bible.



4.      What we expect to see develop over the next two to five years: 


Establishment of HS program that inspires teens to focus their lives on honoring God and blessing others.

Parents own the youth program and the youth minister provides the training, administrative support and organizational structure needed to maintain the energy and momentum of the program.

Strong spiritual partnership between youth minister and adult church members.

One quarter to one third of the Sunday morning attendance made up of HS and MS teens.

Teen visitors at any given event making up one fourth of teens in attendance.

Teens taking over front section of auditorium participating enthusiastically in our Sunday morning assembly service.

Visiting teens being added to our fellowship and subsequently bringing their parents.

Adult members serving as mentors to groups of teens – where teens have real life adult role models of Christians living abundant full and victorious lives as disciples of Jesus Christ.

HS students actively participating in teaching and co-teaching classes for younger students.

Annual mission trip made up of teens and adults properly trained and equipped for the mission.

Annual spring and fall retreats (perhaps initially in partnership with other youth groups).

Active participation in area-wide youth events.

Youth Minister known by teachers and administrators of local high school and middle schools and regarded as resource in teen education and character developments.




5.      We are looking for:


Someone with an experience-based vision, wholly aligned with our vision. 

Ideally able to help refine our vision over time and take it to a higher level as we work together as partners in the Gospel.


Someone whose Christian faith was active in High School and University years.

To Apply

To apply for this position or find out more, please email Ed Hance at 

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